Creating an Interactive World Map with Leaflet.js

I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons as a player for quite a while, but when the latest adventure came to a close I decided to step up to the plate and run the next campaign in my own Homebrew setting!

I really wanted to give my players a world map that allowed them to zoom and pan around to explore the world I had created with markers on towns and cities, but couldn’t find anything that fit the build, until I discovered Leaflet.js (which is even mobile friendly!)

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DMX Controlled Christmas Tree

I’ve always loved Christmas lights, and always end up watching several videos of Christmas lights synced to music—usually Wizards in Winter. In previous years I’ve used normal Christmas lights and used an Arduino to cycle through the effects. This year I wanted to turn the tree up to eleven. I’ve worked with DMX for projects before, controlling strips of 5050 LED Tape, so controlling addressable LEDs was logically the next step.

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