Hue/HomeKit PAC-MAN Ghost

A while back I wrote a guide about some cheap LED controllers that work with Hue and HomeKit. For those of you who’ve read it, you might have noticed the PAC-MAN Ghost lamp in the cover photo, and since working on that project I’ve wanted to upgrade it to also be HomeKit controlled.

The lamp’s original functionality is fairly basic, the only real way I would be able to add it to HomeKit would be via a smart plug, and that just won’t do! Whilst this guide does focus on upgrading my PAC-MAN Ghost lamp, you could apply this to make almost any light Hue/HomeKit compatible!

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RTSP IP Camera to HomeKit

Recently, SimCam sent me one of their AI Security Cameras to have a play with. It worked fairly well, with one key flaw, I like being able to see things from one place—the Apple Home app. SimCam doesn’t work natively with HomeKit, but when I discovered it puts out an RTSP stream the Homebridge cogs started turning in my brain.

This guide will work for any IP camera that outputs an RTSP stream, but there may be some differences between your cameras app and the SimCam one.

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Creating an Interactive World Map with Leaflet.js

I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons as a player for quite a while, but when the latest adventure came to a close I decided to step up to the plate and run the next campaign in my own Homebrew setting!

I really wanted to give my players a world map that allowed them to zoom and pan around to explore the world I had created with markers on towns and cities, but couldn’t find anything that fit the build, until I discovered Leaflet.js (which is even mobile friendly!)

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Cheap Hue/HomeKit LED Controller

As previously mentioned the majority of the lighting in my house is Philips Hue. When it came to adding LEDs I was very much against the idea of spending £70 for two meters of Philips Hue tape. I knew there would be a better solution, one that would let me use generic LED tape. After researching I found the perfect solution, an LED controller that supported Zigbee.

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